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Original Light Table

A New Innovation on the Cutting Edge of Vibrational Healing Arts

A Journey into Consciousness on the Original Light Table will immerse you in sound and color as you experience an uplift in energy, release of blockages, and deepening of your connection with spirit.
The Light Table has recently been upgraded with the addition of the inventors newest creation - A Crystal Blanket! You will be nurtured and cocooned in the crystalline and sacred geometric energies of the blanket, which amplifies the light table experience exponentially!

I just did 15 minutes on the light table. I can’t tell you how amazing this was. I typically don’t relax, but was able to do so and clear my mind as well. This was only my first time and I felt like I was melting into the table. I loved it! I felt so much love and positivity.
-Diane Rosales

Sessions on the light table are:
One Dollar per minute
$50 for a one-hour session.

Special Light table package buy five one-hour sessions & get one free

Amazing Experiences Even in A Single Session
Arthur Franklin's Original Light Table can provide amazing experiences in a single session. The Light Table has been the biggest individual hit in the Soul Spa thus far, as the seemingly subtle energies of light and color prove to be both very pleasant and definitely noticeable. Every day our new clients are joyfully surprised and impressed, especially those among us who profess to be "not sensitive" to energy work.

For those who would like to sample the Original Light Table, we have found that introductory sessions between 25 - 40 minutes are sufficient to allow most everyone to feel the energy and grasp some of the potential of what the Light Table has to offer. These individual Light Table sessions are offered at our standard rate of $1.oo per minute.
The Original Light Table™ developed by Arthur Franklin, is an advanced technology based on quantum physics that greatly enhances the complete well-being of an individual utilizing sacred geometry, imbedded light language, precious metals, and other multi-dimensional healing methodologies. The table is designed with the highest quality materials to maximize luxurious comfort and durability.

The table can assist in the following areas.
-Stress and tension reduction
-Deep state of Relaxation
-Increased Creativity and Clarity
-Enthusiasm for Life
-Renewed Sense of Self

Relax deeply on the bed of energy - the healing table is embedded with 48 heart shaped vials (see image on right) that contain charged Holy water, flower and gem essences lit through fifteen tones of color - deep red through magenta - matching the energy fields of the 7 & 12 chakra systems.

Supporting the vials is a lighted grid formed with sacred geometry and holographic healing words. The entire table is bordered with copper used as an energy conduit enveloping you in its energetic boundary for an incredible healing session. Please see below for a complete view of the 48 phi ratio hearts with color gels that adorn the top of the table.

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